The Black On Black Project

Equity over Equality™


February 2 - march 30, 2019

VAE Raleigh at The 4300
4300 Fayetteville Road Raleigh NC, 27603 (map)

"People of color in the United States have been systematically marginalized by both those in power and the institutions they represent. Media has portrayed us as violent and uneducated, while history books describe us as savages with no moral standing. Since people of color don't control media or write history books, the problem of inaccurate depictions persists." — Guest Curator Mike Williams

For three years now, VAE’s Black on Black series has challenged those portrayals by exploring some of the structural and historical oppression people of color have and continue to face through art that spans media including sculpture, mixed media, paintings, performances, videos and more. This third iteration of Black on Black, BOBV3, looks at how people of color have come up with solutions and ways to deal with the continued oppression, degradation and daily emotional labor endured.

The artwork in BOBV3 seeks to heal and reveal the agency that people of color have always had.

"We didn't create the problems, but we've created solutions." #BlackOnBlackV3 #BOBV3

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